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(Read these before posting.) Welcome aboard The Blackheart. Grab ye a mop an' get t' swabbin'.
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The Crew
Post some information about yourself so we can get to know you better.
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Ye be a pirate now! Now ye're a member o' The Blackheart Crew, ye might be wonderin', 'What do I be needin' do?'. Jest have ye look 'round, all the answers can 'ere be found. What iffin' ye can't find it 'ere? Don't jest sit thar sheddin' tears, jest ask yer shipmates, 'ave no fear.

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Ye start 'ere at the bottom an' work yer way up.
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New and Events News and Event information will be post here.

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Pirates of Blackheart news.
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Event Information
Event information will be posted here.
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Raid/Dungeon Information
Information about Raids and Dungeons will be posted here.
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